489 持有人可以去另外一个边远地区么


A “Release Letter”, releasing a 489 visa recipient from their obligation to this region may not be granted without the visa holder showing that they have taken serious steps to relocate to or remain in this region, through seeking employment. Such a letter can provide peace-of-mind when a skilled migrant needs to broaden their job search beyond their nominating region.
RDA Northern Inland has been informed that 489 visa holders do not need a “Release Letter” for their permanent 887 visa application




南澳自由党当选时承诺的南澳创业签证终于进入实质性阶段。南澳州为这个签证拨款了$400000 来实施这个项目。移民局第一年给了南澳州30个名额。 大家都关心这个签证会是什么样的签证?目前没有关于这个签证的准确信息。可以确认的信息包括1 每年有30个名额,2 申请人的商业计划必须通过州政府和联邦政府的审查, 3 申请人必须45岁以下,英文至少有雅思5555的水平。


1 州政府会成立一个专门的部门来处理这个签证。很快会有州政府的招聘,招聘有投行特别的初创投资公司的审理官员。从目前的$400,000 预算来看, 目前应该是1-2个人。

2 这个项目应该还是会在州政府商业移民经理的管辖内。

3 州政府已经尝试去深入介入商业移民的担保,南澳州政府已经在商业移民担保BTS (benefit to state) 的条件中, 有这种深入介入的迹象。比如 132 申请做房地产开发,申请人必须提交商业计划书,房产开发必须市场化,商业计划书必须有申请人如何参与管理的细节,房产开发要和有2年以上的建筑公司合作。具体来说,最新颁布的适用房地产开发的州担保条例 2.18 显示州政府需要商业计划更多的细节。南澳州政府会需要创业签证项目的很多细节。可以类比2.18的要求

2.18  Sufficient information should be provided to Immigration SA to assess, on a case-by-case basis, whether the property development and the business plan meets the aims of this program. Information required:

2.18.1  Identification and location of the development

2.18.2  Project cost information

2.18.3  Proposed breakdown and details of own/debt/other financing

2.18.4  Current Certificate(s) of Title for the subject land

2.18.5  Copies of any planning or development approvals

2.18.6  Expected commencement and completion dates

2.18.7  Explanation of the client’s managerial role within the project, and submissions as to why the client has suitable experience to fulfill such role

4 州政府是这个项目审核的主导, 州政府对于项目的审查应该类似2.18,移民局只会在州政府批准后,审查签证申请人的其他方面,包括英文,健康,品格。

5 商业计划书是关键。类似 2.18.7 对于申请人背景的考察也会是主要的拒签理由。 一般申请人都要有成功的学术或者创业经历,过去的成功人士才更有可能将来的创业成功,对于刚毕业的学生,应该是无法使用这个签证的。

6 因为这个签证是解决132B 和188E关于申请人无法满足获得风险投资的要求应运而生的,这个签证可能没有具体的资金要求,但是这个签证很可能要求签证申请人在澳洲有注册的专利。 有兴趣的客户可以先从专利注册着手

7 这个签证估计也是4年的签证。

8 这个签证估计可以在3年后转PR ,类别目前的482 转186.

9 这个签证转PR的条件就是州政府BTS的条件。可能包括公司雇佣人数或者营业额达到一定的要求,应该会有几个选项,满足其中的一个就可以。


移民法从1966 年前的注重申请的种族,(面向过去的签证解决方案),移民局通过种种政策规定让非欧洲白人没有一点移民的机会,直到1966到2011年的 注重申请人目前有的条件 (面向现在的签证解决方案),到2011年之后,注重申请人来澳洲的目的,从学生签证的GTE要求,457 签证的改革,到现在创业移民的出现,都是澳大利亚政府面向未来的签证解决方案的一部分。







Fear has great impact on motivation, but overcoming it is complicated. Fears are also the least easy to address, so let’s start with it. Here are a few things I’m afraid of at the moment:

complicated 很难理解,complex 复杂, 一个是主观的看问题的角度,一个是客户的角度。但是用complicated 描述一件事情自己的感觉永远不会错,用complex 可能别人就未必认同。the least easy 就是 difficult 的另一种说法。 to address 俗话说搞清楚问题才能解决问题,给问题找到地址,就是来解决问题。

  • I’ve got major fears around this post. I’m scared that it’s dumb and poorly written, that nobody will read it, that people won’t find value in it, that it was a waste of time, etc.
  • I fear that I’ll age out of my job. Tech is a very fast-paced industry, and I’m always amazed at the smart and talented designers coming up. Can I be in my 50’s and still do this? I think the answer is yes, but I worry about it. A lot.  age out 由于年龄的原因不胜任

这两段用于表达自己害怕的句式包括 I’ve got fears, I’m scared,I fear, I worry about. I am amazed (由于看不懂所以隐含害怕)

In my chats with folks, the idea of Impostor syndrome came up a lot and is often linked to fear. For me personally, Impostor syndrome has always been there but over the years I’ve learned to try and get comfortable with those feelings. Sometimes, I even use those doubts to motivate me. My impostor syndrome has also shifted and changed and I feel that it never goes away, but, you know, that’s ok.

谈对自己的感觉,for me personally,


第一步 电脑审核, 看看有没有risk factor 比如 100034 就代表一个factor

一旦被电脑判定有risk , 会有一个case assessor 来确认一下

case assessor 就会把客户所有的档案调出来比对 包括现在的和过去的所有文件

一旦发现有问题,就会要求背景调查 他们叫做 stream 2 referral

然后背景调查的结果和case assessor 的finding 就会给decision maker

然后decision maker 就可以做决定

但是是否放4020 decision maker 还没有这样权力

他们需要请求director 批准

一旦 director 批准,他们就会拒签并且放4020

Just Do It?

Last fall, I was at a bit of a low point, not quite full burnout, but stressed, low energy, and feeling overwhelmed. I’m usually the kind of person who gets excited about new things to work on, so when the call came out for Atlassian Design Week presentations, I perked up. For a minute. And then I began to second guess myself.

形容自己状态不好至少有 low point,处于低谷, full burnout 能量耗尽, stressed疲劳, low energy 低能量, feeling overwhelmed 感觉不能控制局势. perked up 振作起来

I tried a few things, but it was confounding and the longer it went, the more stressful it became. Why wasn’t I motivated? Atlassian Design Week is fun. It’s got intrinsic motivation baked in: I pick a topic I’m interested in, bone up on it, explore it, find a voice around it, and then do it.

confounding 是con 和founding 的组合,con 有欺诈的意思 所以con + founding 被欺诈找到了一些东西,所以就很迷惑,这个confounding 也就是很迷惑的意思。 Baked in 是代表一个不可分割的特性,Migration assessment got intrinsic subjectivity baked in. 移民评估就是比较主观。隐含的意思是we can do nothing about it. 如果说Migration assessment got intrinsic subjectivity built in. 隐含的意思是 we can improve the system somehow. Bone up 先长骨头,先不计较肌肉。 Bone up on something 突击一下,

So I gave up. Instead, I wrote this down as a to-do in my spark file:

“ Motivation. Why doesn’t it work? Do other people get stuck too? Why?”

That to-do sat there for a long time, and during that time I’ve been thinking about the problem of why people get stuck and why “just working through it” doesn’t work. After speaking with quite a few people about what keeps them from growing and what prevents them from learning new things, it seems in general to be one of three things:

Sat there 是一个拟人的修辞手法。  Keep from = prevent from 同一个意思基本上都要选2个不同的词来使用,让行文不至于单调。

  1. Fear. Impostor syndrome, fear of failure, or even fear of success.
  2. Lack of inspiration or motivation. Just not feeling it.
  3. Lack of time or energy.

So, let’s talk about it.

I’m going to present ideas, techniques, and tips to try—a fun Encouragement Fox (🦊)  will denote those. I can’t guarantee this stuff will work for you, but do give them a shot.

give them a shot, 有鸟没鸟打一枪。

Let’s begin:

🦊 Quick Encouragement Fox tip to try: When you’re stuck, try something new and different. Old techniques will fail you at times, and what works for me or someone else might not work well for you. So, treat your growth as an ongoing series of experiments: Try something new and if it works, use it until it doesn’t.

How To Get Unstuck: Candid Thoughts on Getting $#!* Done

Motivation is a tricky thing. It’s hard to stay motivated, and it’s hard to find time to work on ourselves. What do we do when “just do it” doesn’t work?

Many years ago I went through a hardcore productivity phase. During that time I was running a design consulting firm and burning the midnight oil as the Getting To Done editor for Lifehacker. That time ended in epic burnout; the irony was that I was writing about productivity while subsequently stalling out.

Hardcore 真格的,核心的,硬的心总是在最中间。这里和went through 一起用,表明经历一个难搞的阶段。

burning the midnight oil 用燃烧灯油指代work late at night, 一直指代的修辞手法。

epic burnout, 史诗般的油尽灯枯。

stalling out 进入stall 的状态,就是卡住的状态。

I eventually recovered. Mind you, it was a slow road to a much more balanced and happy life. I learned a lot about inspiration, motivation, and getting good work done.


Slaying The Green-Eyed Monster

Slaying The Green-Eyed Monster 

Green eyed = jealousy

这个说法来自于古希腊人,古希腊人认为jealousy 的情绪是由于胆汁分泌过多引起的,所以jealousy 的人就会变绿。

那为什么是green eyed monster 不是green monster 呢?这个是shakespeare 的四大悲剧Othello 的原因。

The evil Iago plants doubts in Othello’s mind about his wife’s faithfulness, while advising him, “O, beware, my lord, of jealousy! / It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock / The meat it feeds on.” (Othello, Act 3, Scene 3)


If your first thought is, “Aw, man, I want that!” when a friend or loved one shares some good news with you, take comfort in the fact that you aren’t alone. Jealousy is inevitable and—in many cases—it can inspire you to be even better.

很多从字面上无法理解的词汇都是有文化背景的,背后都有一个故事。 这点和中国的成语很像,比如刻舟求剑,如果你不知道这个背后的故事,无法从原文推出实际含义。

But, it takes some effort to recognize your feelings of envy and then transform them into something positive. Put these tactics to work and you’ll have a far easier time keeping those jealous emotions in check.

中国人说采用,视角是往个人投射,我们价值观是 修身,齐家,治国 平天下。英国人是一个对事的对情况的视角,把tactics 投入到工作中。

形容词一般是放something 后面. 这个是不定代词+形容词的固定用法。

in check 是个国际象棋词汇,意思是主帅被将军了。 所以In check 就引申为被控制的意思。


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