Fear has great impact on motivation, but overcoming it is complicated. Fears are also the least easy to address, so let’s start with it. Here are a few things I’m afraid of at the moment:

complicated 很难理解,complex 复杂, 一个是主观的看问题的角度,一个是客户的角度。但是用complicated 描述一件事情自己的感觉永远不会错,用complex 可能别人就未必认同。the least easy 就是 difficult 的另一种说法。 to address 俗话说搞清楚问题才能解决问题,给问题找到地址,就是来解决问题。

  • I’ve got major fears around this post. I’m scared that it’s dumb and poorly written, that nobody will read it, that people won’t find value in it, that it was a waste of time, etc.
  • I fear that I’ll age out of my job. Tech is a very fast-paced industry, and I’m always amazed at the smart and talented designers coming up. Can I be in my 50’s and still do this? I think the answer is yes, but I worry about it. A lot.  age out 由于年龄的原因不胜任

这两段用于表达自己害怕的句式包括 I’ve got fears, I’m scared,I fear, I worry about. I am amazed (由于看不懂所以隐含害怕)

In my chats with folks, the idea of Impostor syndrome came up a lot and is often linked to fear. For me personally, Impostor syndrome has always been there but over the years I’ve learned to try and get comfortable with those feelings. Sometimes, I even use those doubts to motivate me. My impostor syndrome has also shifted and changed and I feel that it never goes away, but, you know, that’s ok.

谈对自己的感觉,for me personally,


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