Just Do It?

Last fall, I was at a bit of a low point, not quite full burnout, but stressed, low energy, and feeling overwhelmed. I’m usually the kind of person who gets excited about new things to work on, so when the call came out for Atlassian Design Week presentations, I perked up. For a minute. And then I began to second guess myself.

形容自己状态不好至少有 low point,处于低谷, full burnout 能量耗尽, stressed疲劳, low energy 低能量, feeling overwhelmed 感觉不能控制局势. perked up 振作起来

I tried a few things, but it was confounding and the longer it went, the more stressful it became. Why wasn’t I motivated? Atlassian Design Week is fun. It’s got intrinsic motivation baked in: I pick a topic I’m interested in, bone up on it, explore it, find a voice around it, and then do it.

confounding 是con 和founding 的组合,con 有欺诈的意思 所以con + founding 被欺诈找到了一些东西,所以就很迷惑,这个confounding 也就是很迷惑的意思。 Baked in 是代表一个不可分割的特性,Migration assessment got intrinsic subjectivity baked in. 移民评估就是比较主观。隐含的意思是we can do nothing about it. 如果说Migration assessment got intrinsic subjectivity built in. 隐含的意思是 we can improve the system somehow. Bone up 先长骨头,先不计较肌肉。 Bone up on something 突击一下,

So I gave up. Instead, I wrote this down as a to-do in my spark file:

“ Motivation. Why doesn’t it work? Do other people get stuck too? Why?”

That to-do sat there for a long time, and during that time I’ve been thinking about the problem of why people get stuck and why “just working through it” doesn’t work. After speaking with quite a few people about what keeps them from growing and what prevents them from learning new things, it seems in general to be one of three things:

Sat there 是一个拟人的修辞手法。  Keep from = prevent from 同一个意思基本上都要选2个不同的词来使用,让行文不至于单调。

  1. Fear. Impostor syndrome, fear of failure, or even fear of success.
  2. Lack of inspiration or motivation. Just not feeling it.
  3. Lack of time or energy.

So, let’s talk about it.

I’m going to present ideas, techniques, and tips to try—a fun Encouragement Fox (🦊)  will denote those. I can’t guarantee this stuff will work for you, but do give them a shot.

give them a shot, 有鸟没鸟打一枪。

Let’s begin:

🦊 Quick Encouragement Fox tip to try: When you’re stuck, try something new and different. Old techniques will fail you at times, and what works for me or someone else might not work well for you. So, treat your growth as an ongoing series of experiments: Try something new and if it works, use it until it doesn’t.


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