How To Get Unstuck: Candid Thoughts on Getting $#!* Done

Motivation is a tricky thing. It’s hard to stay motivated, and it’s hard to find time to work on ourselves. What do we do when “just do it” doesn’t work?

Many years ago I went through a hardcore productivity phase. During that time I was running a design consulting firm and burning the midnight oil as the Getting To Done editor for Lifehacker. That time ended in epic burnout; the irony was that I was writing about productivity while subsequently stalling out.

Hardcore 真格的,核心的,硬的心总是在最中间。这里和went through 一起用,表明经历一个难搞的阶段。

burning the midnight oil 用燃烧灯油指代work late at night, 一直指代的修辞手法。

epic burnout, 史诗般的油尽灯枯。

stalling out 进入stall 的状态,就是卡住的状态。

I eventually recovered. Mind you, it was a slow road to a much more balanced and happy life. I learned a lot about inspiration, motivation, and getting good work done.



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