Write Down the Real Implications

Write Down the Real Implications 

It’s easy to make mountains out of molehills. You no longer accept a friend’s success at face value and instead start picturing all of the dire effects this will undoubtedly have for you.

make mountains out of molehills 小题大作。 中国是农耕文明,文明重视什么什么词汇就特别丰富,分的特别细。 农耕文明是mountain 还是 Molehills 不太能分的清,但是考试文化中小题还是大题可是要严格区分的,英国这种从狩猎文明发展来的语言就注重区分是山还是丘。

accept … at face value 如果要大事化小,谈face value. 如果想把小事情搞大,谈 implication, picturing all dire effects


Jason’s getting promoted, but I’m not. If I’m not getting promoted, I must be doing a bad job. If I’m doing a bad job, I’m probably one misstep away from getting fired. And, if I get fired I’ll have no money and will be forced to move back in with my parents where I’ll wallow in my own self-pity in the discomfort of my childhood bedroom.

Wallow in my own self-pity 中文就是顾影自怜  如果中文是一个唯美的图片话,英文的描述就是一个短视频。在自怜里面打滚。

Whew. Sound familiar? We all play this “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” game where we spiral into worst-case scenarios. It’s called catastrophic thinking.”

if you give a mouse a cookie‘ game   中国人讲养虎为患,英国人说养鼠为患。可能因为中国农耕名族产出农产品多,老鼠吃一点没什么,但是老虎吃人就是大事,英国人狩猎名族,老虎是不怕的,吃的就是猛兽,但是所获不多,所以特别怕老鼠,本来就不多,老鼠吃掉就是要饿死人的。 既然要给人传递信息,自然是找当事人能感同身受的例子。

Spiral into worst case scenarios 螺旋式下降到最坏情况 对那种gradually 变坏的情况可以用spiral into.


“Technically, catastrophizing is an exaggerating, irrational, style of thought where you painfully blow real or imagined disasters out of proportion,” shares Bill Knaus, Ed.D., in his article for Psychology Today.

blow out of proportion, 吹牛, blow his reputation out of proportion, 自我吹嘘

When you feel yourself plummeting down that rabbit hole, take a step back and do this simple exercise: Write down the real implications that other person’s success has on your everyday life.

Plummet 快速下滑, 有点一脚踩空的感觉,突然就失去控制。

如果用fall or drop, 可能还有点可以控制。

Plummet down the rabbit hole , 对于兔子,英国人的洞见是洞很复杂,所以rabbit hole 就是代表一种很难理解的情况。 中国人却觉得兔子很聪明 要像兔子学习,所以说狡兔三窟。

Let’s go back to the example of your friend landing a major promotion. What impact will this have on your day-to-day? How will your daily life change as a result of this news?

day to day = daily life. impact 约等于 change

You’re probably going to be pretty hard-pressed to think of a single rational answer. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even have noticed that your best friend was promoted had he not sat down and told you about it.

Hard pressed, 绞尽脑汁, 绞是比按更厉害的压的方法,中国人之所以技高一筹, 可能我们会绞,英国人只会hard pressed , 所以中国人利用大脑更有效率也就更聪明?

This is a great way to step back, get some perspective, and remind yourself of the fact that somebody else’s success does not equate to your failure.

get some perspective, 从另一个角度看问题,中国人说换位思考,强调人本身, 人的位置变了,视角就变了,英国人说改变视角,有没有发现英文是更直接了当的语言,也可以说更准确。而中文总是不那么直接了当,所以要人去Imply 一下到底是什么意思,是一个比较模糊的语言。

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