Jealous of Your Friend’s Success? Why Healthy Competition Can Be A Good Thing

You’re enjoying a couple of after-work beers with a friend when he mentions that he has some exciting news: He landed a big promotion.

land a big promotion. Land 这个词用的很形象 大家知道英国是一个海洋国家,所以和鱼有关的词汇经常被带入现代英文中,原来渔民打鱼的时候常说land a fish. 就是把鱼搞到岸上来,也就是打到鱼的意思。 这个land a big promotion 就是搞定了一个升职。 有没有觉得很形象呢?

You’re thrilled for him. You give him a hearty congratulations, ask a few questions about what he’ll be doing, and even order another round to celebrate.

中国有酒过三巡的说法, 一个round 就是中国的一巡, order another round 就是再一轮。

But, let’s be honest—there’s also a tiny part of you that’s suddenly overcome with intense jealousy.

这里的tiny 和 intense 做了一个强烈的反差,遥相呼应表现出主人公内心的变化。

Why is his career trajectory on a steady climb while you’re still in your same position? Does this mean your own career is flopping? You want a fancy title and a hefty pay raise too…

Trajectory 是枪榴弹发射的轨迹,route,path 是近义词。 career trajectory 就是career path 的近义词,一般写作用trajectory 显得行文高大上,用path 显得比较平实,至于用那个词个人爱好吧。我可能还是偏向用Path.

Flopping 原来的意思是垂下的意思,比如 his hair flopped over his eyes. 头发把眼睛都遮挡住了,很邋遢的样子。 引申为失败。 也可以说是个拟人句。

Despite your efforts to be supportive and encouraging on the outside, pesky thoughts like these creep in whenever anybody around you achieves something awesome.

Pesky thoughts creep in 这个也是一个拟人句。把思想比喻成人。坏思想会爬进来,所以孔子教导我们,每日三省吾身。

Rest assured, that doesn’t qualify you as a terrible friend or a covetous monster. You’re just human, and there’s actually a scientific reason you’re experiencing this mix of pride and jealousy. It’s called the self-evaluation maintenance theory.

qualify 是个有褒义的词汇,这里褒义词贬用,qualify you as a terrible friend or covetous monster, 创造出一种熟悉的意外,行文给人幽默感.


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