Senator cash 和 Senator carr 关于457 问题的激烈交锋

CHAIR: Thanks for that. Perhaps this might be a question to you, Minister. Is the whole purpose of this to give jobs for Australians and to make sure Australians are properly qualified? I am amazed to hear from the import of Senator Carr’s questions that there are not Australians good enough to be vice-chancellors or senior academics in Australian universities. I find that incredible.

Senator Cash: Chair, you are absolutely right. I have to say, in listening to this conversation, that I never thought that I would actually see the day when Senator Carr, from the Australian Labor Party, who has consistently fought against the bringing in of foreign labour, would now actually become the champion for the bringing in of foreign labour in this country. The irony of Senator Carr’s performance today will be there for all to see, quite frankly, and—the good news is—to read on Hansard, Senator Carr. Perhaps, Chair, what you may wish the committee to do to further elucidate that point so all can see the complete hypocrisy of the Australian Labor Party when it comes to 457 visas is to get the department to take you through the number of people who came in on 457 visas and in particular—for Senator Carr’s benefit—the occupations, Senator Carr, in which they came into this country under your current leader, Bill Shorten, and the current shadow minister, Brendan O’Connor—

Senator KIM CARR: Perhaps you could stop demonstrating your ignorance—

Senator Cash: versus what has now occurred under this government.

Senator KIM CARR: your profound ignorance, Minister. You would serve this parliament a lot better if you were not so ignorant.


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